Dated: August 12, 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

NEW YORK, NY – Acumen Recovery Services, LLC (“Acumen”), a bankruptcy data management, analysis and advisory firm founded by industry veterans, today announced that is has opened for business. Acumen focuses on assisting parties in prosecuting or defending preferential transfer actions arising under the United States Bankruptcy Code or state insolvency laws.

“We are essentially a ‘plug and play’ solution providing the defense analysis, case management and back-office support for lawyers pursuing or defending preference actions,” said Michael Cohen, the CEO and a Co-Founder of Acumen. “In addition to our significant bankruptcy and restructuring experience, our proprietary software – AcuMatrix™ – brings a new level of analytical flexibility, efficiency and transparency to the preference action process,” said Dan McElhinney, the President, COO and a Co-Founder of Acumen. “We are extremely excited to introduce our innovative software and service platform to the market, and we hope to set the new standard of excellence in assisting parties pursuing or defending preference actions,” said Cohen. Acumen is based in New York and was founded by seasoned restructuring industry veterans, Dan McElhinney and Michael Cohen, with the vision of becoming the leading provider of preference action analysis, prosecution and defense services.

For additional information or other inquiries, please contact, Michael Cohen (646) 795-6967 or Dan McElhinney (646) 795-6968