What We Do: Preference Actions Services

Preference Actions Analysis & Recovery

Recovering Value Efficiently

Preference actions are often an important asset in a bankruptcy case. Acumen is uniquely positioned to assist clients in understanding the value of their preference action portfolio and in recovering that value, efficiently and effectively.



Seamless Integration = Maximum Speed & Value

Led by seasoned restructuring professionals with experience in all aspects of the restructuring process, Acumen’s approach seamlessly integrates restructuring experience, and financial and analytical expertise to maximize the speed and value of client recoveries.


State of the art software

Real-time data analysis

Recovery forecasting

Robust reporting



By employing AcuMatrix – our “state-of-the-art” proprietary software – Acumen can provide real-time data analysis and recovery forecasting together with secure data management and robust reporting tools designed to enhance transparency in the recovery process.



Restructuring Expertise

Leading-edge Technology

Enhanced Transparency

Acumen’s unique approach – integrating high-level restructuring professional expertise, leading-edge technology and enhanced transparency – sets a new standard for analysis and recovery of preference action claims.



Preference Defense and Risk Assessment

Acumen’s resources make it uniquely qualified to assist
parties who are defendants in a preference action, or who
are concerned about potential preference exposure.


For any business, the active management of accounts receivable is never more important than when a customer or client could be on the verge of commencing an insolvency proceeding or bankruptcy.

Acumen utilizes its “state-of-the-art” data analysis software, AcuMatrix, to assist parties in responding to preference demands and establishing their best defense to preference actions.  Our capabilities allow us to:


Respond to preference demands

Provide legal counsel with the support to implement the best preference defense strategy

Develop an assessment plan

Minimize exposure to future preference actions